30ft Contender 

1/2 Day (4hr) $800

3/4 Day (6hr) $1000

Full Day (8hr) $1200

Bay Boat 

1/2 Day (4hr) $550

3/4 Day (6hr) $700

Full Day (8hr) $800


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There are few activities more suited to holidays than fishing. It’s the ideal experience when taking a break: fishing is relaxing (well, it should be!), it can be enjoyed by the whole family and from endless locations, and it makes for entertaining travel stories.

Another tick in the plus column is that fishing is an activity you can participate in at any level. And even if you’re not that great at it, you can still have a laugh at the end of the day.

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of fishing tips for beginners.

1. Make sure you are well-equipped

If you’ve ever decided to take up golf, you will relate to a would-be angler’s dilemma – where do I start? From rod to reel and bait to bobber, there’s plenty to take in, also view publisher site to learn about great vans for a trip ! Choosing the right equipment is important, and it can be an overwhelming process. There is no short answer to determining which gear is right for you, although there are key considerations to bear in mind:

From which platform will you likely fish (beach, rocks, jetty, boat, etc)?
Where will you be fishing (ocean, river, lake, bathtub)?
What type of fish are you trying to catch?
By answering these questions (particularly the first two) your local fishing store should be able to assist you with selecting appropriate equipment. Alternatively, consider hiring fishing gear.